Abelia Grandiflora

Weight:- 1500 g

Glossy abelia






Abelia Grandiflora is a medium-sized semi-evergreen , rounded, spreading, multi-stemmed shrub  upto 3m, with arching branches, bearing small glossy oval dark green leaves and clusters of white-tinged-pink, bell-shaped flowers (to 3/4" long), slightly fragrant flowers over a long period from mid-summer.


Glossy abelia requires a sheltered position in full sun. It is easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Best flowering in full sun. Prefers moist, organically rich soils which drain well. 

Blooms on new wood, so prune as needed (e.g., remove stems lost to winter and, if desired, thin to the ground up to 1/3 of old stems) in late winter to early spring.

Landscape Uses

It is commonly planted as an excellent choice of borders and as an informal screen or hedge.