Achimenes (Mixed bulbs)

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Weight:- 450 g

Cupid's bower






Achimenes are spectacular plants with bright, funnel-shaped flowers and velvety foliage that dazzle from summer to fall. The bulbs' are small, closed-scale, pinecone-like appearance. The foliage is bright to dark green and fuzzy. hey produce gorgeous blooms that gracefully drape down the side of containers. Flowers are funnel-shaped and come in a wide variety of colors including pink, blue, scarlet, white, lavender or purple.


Achimenes are related to African Violets and Gloxinia. They need rich, moist soil and shade. 

The bulbs should be planted in a wide and not deep pot. During the period of growth and flowering, Ahimenes needs regular and abundant watering.

Usually in winter, achimenez enters a period of rest & remains dormant.

Landscape Use

Flowers are similar to pansies or petunias and hang elegantly down the side of containers, making it an excellent choice for a hanging basket.


All parts of the plant are poisonous ...