Avocado A Grade - Coorg/Kodai variety (Pre order)

Weight:- 500 g
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Coorg and Kodiakanal have the best Avocados available in India and far better than other cheaper options.

Add Avocado Toast to your breakfast menu to bring some freshness!

Each kg will have between 2-4 pieces

Sharing a few points on Avocado which is one of the most delicate fruits -
1. In spite of it looking 100% good outside, it is impossible to predict what it is inside. No vendor can guarantee it.
2. We source only the best Avocado in India from Kodai/Coorg. While that from North and NE is 70% good, ours is 95% good. We also give Hass Avocado which is more expensive but better.
3. Avocado turns bad in most cases if not cut on time. Please see the document attached. Color is not a determinant of ripeness, especially for Indian avocados.
4. In many cases even if Avocado is brown from inside, it is due to oxidation and can be used. Check the smell.

Simple  Recipe: https://pinchofyum.com/avocado-dip