Banana Date Vanilla Jam

Weight:- 280 g

80% Fruit, Low Sugar, No Preservatives, No added colors or flavors.

Packed with nutrients of bananas and dates, and laced with home-ground cinnamon and natural vanilla, this jam is a wonderful accompaniment to cakes and pancakes. Kids love this Jam rolled in a Chapati and you can be sure you are giving them a wholesome snackbox.

For those impromptu dessert ideas, top this jam over a baked pie crust with whipped cream, and you have a quick banofee pie. 


Ingredients : Fresh Bananas, Dates, Date Syrup, Sulphur-less cane sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, natural vanilla extract, freshly ground cinnamon powder, fruit pectin. 

Sugar Content - 19% Sugar by total weight. 80% Fruit ( Bananas and dates) 

1 spoon of this jam (10 grams) - has only 1.9 grams of sugar added.