Costus Speciosus (Bulbs)

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Weight:- 500 g

Malay Ginger




Southeast Asea


Costus or jom lakhut is a succulent, erect, perennial, ornamental, herbaceous plant . It is tall and dramatic landscape plant with large dark green leaves arranged on the stalk in a spiral. The plant can grow to 10 ft tall in frost-free areas, but is typically small as a potted plant.

The plant flowers during the months of July and August nad have mild fragrance in the morning. It will loose all of its leaves during the winter and resprout again in the spring. The flowers look like crepe paper, thus the common name is "Crepe ginger". The flowers are 5-6 cm long with a cupshaped labellum and crest yellow stamens. Fruit is red in color whereas seeds are black, five in number with a white fleshy aril .


Crepe ginger prefers part sun , high humidity & low temperature but will grow in full sun if it gets plenty of moisture . Plant should get from 3 to 5 hours of direct sunlight daily, 

It grows well on rich moist soil or clayey loam soil in shady area Monthly applications of a balanced fertilizer during the summer growing season will benefit this plant.

Landscape Use

 It is suitable as an ornamental plant for borders or as a low screen.