Crassula Sarmentosa Variegata

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Weight:- 400 g

Variegated Trailing Jade




Eastern Cape, South Africa


Crassula sarmentos 'Comet' or  Variegated Trailing Jade  is a scrambling  succulent plant  that grows up to 1' tall and branches sparingly from the base with 3' long reddish stems that arches outwards and upwards or trail down. The stems bear up to 1 inch long ovate mid-green colored leaves that have finely serrated cream colored margins the leaves have brighter green color with red highlights along the white margins when grown in full sun. Terminal rounded compact panicles of pink buds open to pure white flowers in late fall.


Variegated Crassula plants need full sun to develop their full coloration. Avoid direct blasting sun in mid summer (with sun exposure the leaf develops a nice brownish tint), they do not do well in full shade as they tend to etiolate, fall over and rot easily.

They like well drained soils with easy access to moisture through addition of plenty of organic matter.Keep watered in summer - they do not like drying out for long.. Reduce water in the winters.

Landscape Use

Excellent in hanging baskets or cascading over container edges.They also go perfectly in rockeries and make good liners to pathways or spilling over the edge of larger planters when combined with other plants.