Plumeria Rubra White

Weight:- 1500 g





Tropical America


Full sun. Dry & Hot climate climate.


Plumeria rubra white is the most fragrant of the frangapini flowers .These beautiful have light pink flowers and have bright yellow centers.

Frangipani is well-known for its intensely fragrant, lovely, spiral-shaped, blooms which appear at branch tips in summers. Frangipani is a deciduous, semi-succulent shrub or small tree with a broad crown that is often as wide as the tree is tall; it can grow up to 12 metres tall in the wild but is usually smaller in cultivation.

Branches are upright and rather crowded on the trunk forming a vase or umbrella shape with age. They are rather soft and brittle and can break but are usually sturdy unless they are mechanically hit or disturbed. The crown loses its leaves for a short time during the winter displaying the coarse-textured, stubby branches. A milky sap is exuded from the branches when they are bruised or punctured.

Approximate size : 1-2 feet