Rosemary Ladlau - Shrub rose

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Weight:- 1000 g

English Rose






Shrub roses are some of the easiest to grow and have the same beautiful attributes of classic roses—but without all the fuss.

Rosemary Ladlau is combination of hybrid tea and the Provence roses with pointed, urn shaped buds opening slowly into full bodied blooms with the famous quartered centre of the old roses.
The colour is a very deep mauve-violet that is novel and not often found amongst the modern roses. The fragrance that rises out of the open blooms is sweet and powerful.
The bush is vigorous, well branched with medium long stems and clothed in glossy, deep green, deeply veined, healthy leaves.


Roses are fairly low maintenance. They perform best in full sun. This produces the largest and biggest number of blossoms while preventing any foliar diseases. However, roses do well in part sun, particularly in warmer climates where sheltered afternoon sun keeps them cool during the heat of the day and also helps create the most intense fragrance.

Roses require well-drained soil to thrive. Because some types rebloom and grow vigorously, make sure to amend the soil with rich, well-aged compost and add fertilizer

Roses benefit from regular pruning to keep them looking their best while encouraging healthy flowers. Prune in late winter, just before new growth emerges. A general rule is to prune back your rose back by about one-third of the total height to maintain its current size and shape. 

Uneven soil moisture and drought encourages fungal diseases, so remove any dead or dying branches. Pruning also helps with air circulation around plant, which can prevent powdery mildew and black spot fungus.

Landscape Uses

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