Rosy Trumpet Tree

Weight:- 1000 g

Tabebuia rosea




Tropical America


Tabebuia Rosea is a wide upright evergreen or deciduous tree with a a long smooth trunk. Leaves are oblongs to ovate-elliptic, leathery, scaly and mid- to dark green in color. Funnel-shaped, white, pink or lilac flowers with yellow eyes fading to white are produced.


Cape honeysuckle can be planted in semi-shade to full sun. It withstands clipping and can be trained into a neat hedge, or allowed to bush out into a more informal hedge. To keep this shrub clean and tidy, it must be pruned back in late winter to promote new growth and flowers. Plants can be pruned back heavily if required, and will resprout. The application of a balanced fertilizer after pruning will enhance the growth and flowering.

Landscape Use

Tecomaria capensis is an attractive ornamental garden plant commonly used for screening and decorative purposes, and can also be trimmed to form a hedge.