Makroot Fruit (Pre order )

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Weight:- 250 g

Makroot Lime are also called Makrud, Makrut and Kaffir Lime.

Amazingly fragrant, it is a Thai food essential. It has a fragrant, floral, earthy lemon flavour. Its used in many dishes to add a citrus aroma and flavour. These are also used widely in Southeast Asia cuisine too.

The juice and fruit of the makrut lime are less used in Thai cooking, but the rind is essentially used in most Thai curry pastes.

The fruit has very little juice, but the zest is strong, with a vibrant flavour and an alluring perfume. When grating the outer skin, scrupulously avoid the (very bitter) white pith.  The juice can threatens to overwhelm other flavours and should be used (in dressings, sour curries) cautiously.

In making one of Thai famous curry called kaeng thepo, after finishing cooking, the fruit is halved and then added. This adds a wonderful aroma and flavour to the dish.

Simple recipe: