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Welcome To Gabbar Farms

Gabbar Farms is a promise - one beyond delivering our chemical and pesticide free, non GMO seeded produce straight to your kitchen table within a few hours of harvesting. It stems from a need for trust – one built on knowing that it does not pass multiple hands before reaching you and that you can drop by anytime to check where and how your order was grown. The promise of a life-long commitment to providing your kitchen with unadulterated food which is healthy, tasty and more importantly fun!


Our brand philosophy has our farm running using the best modern day agri-technologies and can be summarized to just 2 concepts - Residue free farming and Farm to Fork. While Farm to Fork relates to reducing or minimizing the human handling of the product, Residue free farming talks about the usage of or rather the lack of strong chemical products like pesticides and fungicides etc. in the farming process. Non residual organic alternatives are known to increase the health benefits, freshness and the longevity of the product.
At Gabbar Farms, we grow everything using Hydroponics - plants are grown in filtered water in a fully automated polyhouse which stops pests from land, air and water. Hence, we are able to grow without any chemicals or pesticides - thus increasing the health benefits, quality and taste.

Try us - it will be the tastiest, crunchiest, healthiest bite ever. That's a GABBAR Promise!


Gabbar might possibly be one of the most iconic characters in Indian movies with him and his dialogues being referenced even today in pop culture. A bearded man, clad in army greens and boots, with a talisman around his neck, a gun in one hand and a whip in another – an awesomesauce combination of swag meets thug life. Our Gabbar brandishes a zucchini instead of a gun and has a belt lined with cherry tomatoes instead of rifle bullets. He plays Russian roulette with Kaalia with cherry tomatoes thrown at him. There possibly isn’t a cooler spokesperson for healthy food elsewhere. If you identify with our gabbar, be a part of the gabbar gang and sign up for the veggie box today.

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