Flat Leaves Parsley

Weight:- 50 g

Coriander that went abroad for higher studies

About: Parsley is a widely used herb, either in fresh or dried formats. It is bright green in color and has a mild, spicy and peppery flavor that pairs well with many recipes. It originated in the Mediterranean region and has been used in Greek and Italian culinary for thousands of years.

Health Benefits: Parsley is highly rich in Vitamins K, A and C, potassium, folates and antioxidants. It can help protect against various cancers, reduce risk of diabetes, and improve bone health. It can also promote eye sight and heart health.

How to Use: Parsley is a versatile flavoring option. It can be chopped fresh into salads and soup, or it can added dried to pasta and sauces. It also pairs well with potatoes, tomato based sauces, seafood and poultry dishes.

Fun Fact! In olden days, Greeks made crowns of parsley to bestow upon the winners of the Isthmian and Nemena sports games