Harvest Box 500g

Weight:- 500 g

Our "Gabbar Box" contains an exciting assortment of a selection of the following -

- Lettuces - Batavia, Green Oak, Red Oak, Lollo Rosso, Butterhead

Swiss Chard - Red, Yellow, Green

Kale - Red, Curly, Tuscan

Vine crops like Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Cucumbers

Various herbs like Parsley, Basil, Rocket, Oregano, Thyme etc.

Microgreens basis availability

Most of the plants are grown Hydroponically in our controlled Polyhouse with ZERO Pesticides or Insecticides. In some cases we source Chemical free produce from trusted partners with full QC. We try to give some plants with the roots intact so that you can keep them in a bowl of water and retain their freshness for almost a week. This is commonly known as a "Live Lettuce" since its growing till the time you decide to harvest it.

You can mix and match it with seasonal fruits to make an awesome Salad bowl.

* The weight of a box varies between 550-550 gm. The selection will be different each week basis what we are growing at the farm