Pok choi

Weight:- 250 g

Anti cancer super food!

About: Pak Choi, or Bok Choy, is fast becoming a popular cruciferous vegetable globally due to its immense nutritional value. Pak Choi is a member of the cabbage family and has been a common feature in East Asian dishes for over a thousand years.

Health Benefits: Pak Choi is highly nutritious and provides significant daily portions of over 20 nutrients. It contains omega-3 and zinc that are not typically found in other vegetables of the cabbage family. It also provides Vitamins C and E, calcium, selenium and over 70 antioxidants. The antioxidants have anti-cancer properties while the other benefits of Pak Choi include improved immunity, skin and hair condition, and bone health.

How to Use: All the parts of Pak Choi can be consumed. It is best cooked by boiling or steaming for a limited period. Once cooked it can be had on its own, added to soups and noodles, or chopped into dishes. It goes well with soy sauce.

Fun Fact! Thanks to the shape of its leaves, Bok Choy is sometimes also referred to as a “soup spoon”

Simple recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/167331/spicy-bok-choy-in-garlic-sauce/