Swiss Chard

Weight:- 250 g

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About: Swiss chard looks similar to Spinach and also is a relative of the beetroot. It comes with tender green leaves, multi-coloured stems and crunchy stalks. It has been used for thousands of years, and onspite of the name it has nothing to do with Switzerland, and most likely originated in the Mediterranean. The leaves taste milder than spinach, and the stalks taste slightly similar to beetroot. It can grow in poor soil and with limited water.

Health Benefits: Swiss Chard is very rich in Vitamin K, and also contains ample amounts of Vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and antioxidants. The rich antioxidants have anti-cancer properties, while the vegetable can also help inhibit blood clotting, while improving heart and reducing blood pressure.

How to use: You can use the Swiss Chard leaves like you would use Spinach - sauteed or cooked in dishes. You can use the stalks like an asparagus as well. As the stalks are thick while the leaves are soft, it helps to chop the stalks more finely than the leaves so they cook in about the same time. Generally, any flavor that works well with spinach should work well with swiss chard.

Fun Fact! Swiss chard plants can grow to 28 inches high.

Simple recipe: