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Weight:- 50 g

About: Basil is the king of herbs, and it has been used in cuisine since ancient times, but it also offers several health benefits. While they make excellent garden companions, you don't need to grow the entire plant to enjoy these benefits.

Health benefits: Basil microgreens are not only delicious, but they also appear to be high in several beneficial elements. Vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as calcium and iron, are abundant in basil. It can help with stress relief as well as digestion. Many types of basil are said to have extra health benefits in addition to adding more nutrients and vitamins to your diet: regulating blood sugar, improving mental health (holy basil aka tulsi), reducing oxidative stress (sweet basil), preventing heart disease, reducing inflammation, help fight bacteria that cause infections.

How to use: Because cooked basil microgreens lose certain nutrients, we recommend consuming them raw. Plus, when they're raw, they're deliciously crunchy! Pasta, eggs, grilled cheese, and other dishes can all benefit from them, we hear basil microgreens are fantastic in pesto.

Simple recipe :