Carrot Microgreens

Weight:- 50 g

About: Carrot microgreens are one of the most challenging to grow microgreens. Fresh from the seed, these young greens have a faint carrot flavor and a delicate texture that you'll enjoy. They'll offer a taste to your dinner as well as a splash of color to your garden!

Health benefits: Carrot microgreens have a long list of health advantages, including, antioxidants fighting free radicals, which lowers the risk of cancer. Vitamin A and carotenes are antioxidants that assist the body fight sickness and boost the immune system. This variety of microgreens aids in the prevention of skin, lung, and oral cavity diseases.

How to use: The green top when in the microgreen stage has a delightful flavor of mild sweet carrot. The texture is similar to dill, but there is no dill flavor. If you like carrots, then you will also like to eat these microgreens. You can brighten up any dish with these delicious microgreens.

Simple recipe: