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Weight:- 250 g

About:  Rhubarb is the fleshy, edible stalks (petioles) of Rheum species and hybrids (culinary rhubarb) of the Polygonaceae family, which are cooked and eaten. Rhubarb refers to the entire plant, which is a herbaceous perennial that grows from short, thick rhizomes.

Health benefits: Rhubarb is a good source of vitamin K, which is necessary for bone health and blood coagulation. Rhubarb's vitamin A content may also aid in the battle against free radicals, which cause skin damage and premature aging, keeping your skin appearing healthy and youthful. It's also high in antioxidants and a range of other vitamins and minerals that have a variety of health advantages.

How to use: To consume rhubarb on its own, dip the stem in sugar or honey to help balance out the sour flavor. You may also make a raw rhubarb compote and serve it with a bowl of homemade yogurt in the morning. Its sour acidity complements sweet ripe strawberries (of course), mangoes, and even coconut.