Aeschynanthus “Thai Pink’

Weight:- 500 g

Aeschynantus ‘Pink Polka'






Aeschynanthus are trailing epiphytes with brightly colored flowers resembling a tube of lipstick. ‘Thai Pink’ has clusters of bright pink flowers that emerge out of paler bronzed calyxes. Slightly succulent leaves are heart shaped, and new growth emerges pale green tinged with pink in good light.

Lipstick plant prefers Partial light to shade; bright direct light of morning or afternoon sun is best, but they need to be shaded from the midday sun. These plants were originally epiphytes living in damp forests.
The potting soil should therefore be mixed with sphagnum and kept moist using tepid water, but not soggy. 
Prefer 50% or higher humidity; however, they will tolerate low levels with no harm.
Water when the soil is visually dry; don’t over water. They can tolerate periods of dryness with no harm. Drafts or improper watering may cause the lower leaves to drop. If the plants looks straggly, prune the longest stems back as far as 2 inches. If new growth does not appear, reduce water and withhold fertilizer.
After the flowering cycle is complete. Repot when plants look too big for the container. They can remain in a limited space for a long time without harm.


Landscape Use

It makes a nice hanging basket, but also does really well as a mounted plant