Allamanda cathartica 'Compacta'

Weight:- 500 g

Dwarf Yellow Allamanda






Dwarf Yellow Allamanda is a frost-tender, evergreen, tropical plant that is primarily grown as a climbing vine, but may also be pruned as a shrub. As a vine, it will grow rapidly to 20 inch. Features clusters of yellow, trumpet-shaped, single or double flowers with white throat markings and leathery, wavy-margined, obovate, light green leaves (4-6 long) that appear in whorls of 3-4 or in pairs along the stems. Blooms throughout the summer to first frost.


In temperate regions, allamanda may be grown outdoors in containers during the summer months and brought into a greenhouse or conservatory to over-winter. They require full sun and fertile, well-drained, acidic soil for best growth. Though somewhat drought tolerant, they look and grow best with evenly moist conditions. Best flowering in full sun. Best performance occurs in hot and humid climates where nighttime temperatures do not dip below 15 degrees

Landscape Use

Grow as annual vine for porches, trellises, fences or through large shrubs. Container plant that can be overwintered indoors. In tropical areas, it is often grown as a hedge.