Alocasia 'Bambino Arrow'

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Weight:- 1000 g

Elelphant Ears




Tropical Asia


Alocasia Bambino is a smaller, more compact version of Alocasia lowii 'Polly amazonica'. The extremely glossy, dark green leaves are spear-shaped with broad, bold and white veins. The leaves are narrow and have an arrow or spear-shaped with broad, bold and white veins contrasting strongly with the dark green leaf. This delightful Alocasia grow between 30-50 cm


Alacosia likes a bright position, but keep out of direct sunlight. It's a tropical plant and needs reasonable, or high humidity.

Compost must be kept moist at all times (not dry or soggy). Dislikes dryness at the roots, but too much water will cause the roots to rot. Water little but often.

Feed during the growing season about once per month.

Landscape Use

Perfect choice for a tabletop pot plant for the office environment or bright kitchen or bathroom.

Care Tips