Aloe Pirottae

Weight:- 400 g

Aloe Pirottae




Ethiopia & Northeast Kenya.


Aloe pirottae is a stemless or very short stemmed maculate aloe. Aggressively suckering it forms small groups with shiny, brittle, long, narrowish leaves of pale green and very heavily spotted. The leaves form a rosette. The many branched inflorescences are covered with upright, bright yellow flowers near the end of branches. It is a very attractive species, but rare in cultivation.

Blade dark green with many white elongated dots and dashes, 45 to 90 cm long and 6.5-13 cm wide. The leaf surface is smooth.


Aloe pirottae is one of the most ornamental aloes that is a fast-growing species that can reach full size in 5 or 6 years (if given proper growing conditions), this plant is a water-wise plant.
It should be given a well-drained soil with a high lime content. The plant grows well in a pot too, and can be moved indoors for the winter
Outside, if the climate is cool it enjoys full sun. In warmer country, keep it cool by filtering the afternoon sun, and also avoid using a dark-coloured container.

Landscape Uses

Makes an attractive landscape plant and or container patio plant where some height is needed, being an attractive accent plant. This columnar tall cactus is suitable for large landscape and can grow outdoors in those areas where there is light frost in winter and the rainfall is not too high.