Aloe 'Variegata'

Weight:- 400 g

Tiger Aloe




South Africa and Namibia


Aloe variegata is one of the best known, and most distinctive of the South African aloes. It grows readily and blows freely but irregularly during most of the winter and spring months and its foliage is beautiful both in its form and markings and its flowers are no less handsome. The name 'variegata' refers to the alternate white and green bands on the leaves. Plants are stemless, rarely solitary, and nearly always form clumps of a few rosettes that seldom exceeds 30 cm tall. Thrives in medium to large sized pots and need a drained soil.


Aloe variegata is easy to grow in light shade and make a great, almost no care houseplant although, it's best when grown in full sun. Keep relatively dry, careful watering is required, as it is prone to rot if overwatered, especially in the winter months. Removal of old flower stalks

Landscape Uses

It is an excellent plant for garden rockery settings, desert type landscapes and Suited for window sill.