Amaryllis Dutch Lily (Bulbs)

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Weight:- 400 g

Naked Lady Plant




South Africa


Amaryllis Dutch Lily is a perennial bulbous geophyte with one to two erect solid stems which appear in late spring & early summer. The inflorescence bears 2–12 showy fragrant funnel-shaped flowers on a 'naked' (leafless) stem, which gives it the common name of naked-lady-lily. The flowers which may be up to 10 cm in length, appear in the spring before the leaves (hysteranthy) which are narrow and strap shaped.


Dutch Lily plant is happiest when it is getting plenty of sunshine and warmth. Make sure to place it either beside a sunny window or on the outdoors. The way it reflects sunlight makes it more attractive in its natural state.

Make sure that the soil maintains a level of dryness throughout its life. When planting use a fast-draining soil for your Belladonna Lilly and keep in mind not to let excess water hang around for long, especially around the roots. Otherwise, the true beauty of this plant will not be realized. The bulbs may rot and the flowers may appear to be unhealthy, or it might not even show up at all.

Landscape Use

Amaryllis can be used effectively as foundation plantings to make a pleasing contrast to nearby evergreen shrubbery. Other uses for amaryllis include mass plantings, in tree islands, on slopes, near a gate entrance or in borders.