Asparagus Setaceus Plumosus

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Weight:- 500 g

Plumosa Fern




South Africa


A deceptive plant, the Asparagus Setaceus looks halfway between a lacy, lightweight fern and the top of an asparagus - hence, its common name. It's tiny threadlike leaves form feathery dark green sprays, resembling fern fronds.

Plumosa Fern is popular for the indoor gardener. It has a more airy, layered look, with spreading stems and soft, small needles. Watch out, though, for its climbing shoots - they'll wrap around anything available. It responds well to trimming and pruning, so you can keep the tips from getting too long.


Plant the outdoor plumosa fern in a lightly shaded area, particularly avoiding hot afternoon sun. It needs fertile well drained soil. Keep soil evenly moist. Water thoroughly during dry weather.

Landscape Use

Perfect for tabletops, in hanging planters or as part of the landscape as trees in a miniature garden or for fairies to lounge under in their garden!