Asplenium Antiquum 'Leslie'

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Weight:- 750 g

Crested Japanese Bird's-Nest Fern




Tropical Asia


Asplenium 'Leslie' variety with its specially tersed wild curly leaves has a beautiful fresh green color and is a strong tropical medium-sized fern. The bowl or basket shaped fronds have wavy margins and as the plant matures the ends of the fronds become branched or crested forming a very distinct look. Compared to A. 'Crissie', 'Leslie' is more compact, upright and overall a much smaller fern.

Aspleniums are trendy and do require ordinary care. With their fixed and elegant shape they make Victorian times revive.


Aspleniums like shadow or low light , no full sun .High humidity should be maintained.

Use a potting medium high in organic content, e.g. cocopeat or perlite (2:1 by volume), that has good water-holding capacity and good aeration. A pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is preferred.

Birds Nest Ferns are light feeders and only require low doses of fertilizer.

Landscape Use

Very suitable to use in the bathroom, containers