Asplenium Nidus Cobra

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Weight:- 1500 g

Asplenium Nidus Cobra






Asplenium Nidus Cobra has shiny wavy fronds in bright green, which curly downward into the center. It forms large simple fronds visually similar to banana leaves, with the fronds growing to 50-150 centimeters long and 10-20 centimeters broad. They are light green, often crinkled, with a black midrib, and exhibit circinate vernation.


Asplenium Nidus Cobra is a hard fern in a tropical climate. It grows well even under direct sun or lower ideal humidity but does best under a bright shade with medium-high humidity. Need airy compost and allow it getting fairly dry between watering. These are adaptable to low or artificial light and human liveable temperature range at ease. Ferns require moderate bright light, little humidity and over watering.

Landscape Uses

Asplenium Nidus Cobra is widely cultivated in temperate regions as a Houseplant.