CissusTriangularis - Asthisamhari

Weight:- 750 g







A semi-woodyclimbing plant, with up to 180 cm long stems produced from a large rootstock. It s a scrambling species which spreads thick over the ground and attach themselves with tendrils to adjacent Succulents. Racemes of small white, yellowish, or greenish flowers; globular berries are red when ripe.

Veldt Grape has been used as a medicinal plant since antiquity. It is considered a tonic and analgesic, and is believed to help heal broken bones, It is one of the most commonly used medicinal Succulents in Assam & Thailand.

Grows best in heavy clay or sandy soil with some organic matter. This plant requires less watering due to its woody structure. Water enough to settle near the roots in order to avoid root diseases. Make sure to water this plant even during winters. It needs shaded sunlight for its healthy growth.
    Landscape Uses
    Cultivated as garden Succulents,