Astrophytum Asteria - Sand Dollar Cactus

Weight:- 400 g

Sea Urchin cactus




North America


Sand Dollar Cactus, forms a flattened, round shape that is divided into eight sections and grows upto 3" size. It's a spineless cactus with a row of white fuzzy dots running down the center of each section. Smaller white dots form eye-catching patterns on the sections. Funnel-shaped pale yellow flowers bloom in the center of the cactus.


Like most cacti they're drought tolerant and need very little care and attention to grow well. Not enough sunlight and over-watering are common mistakes.

Plenty of sunshine will keep this cacti more than happy. In a glass room you may have to provide some shade during a hot summers day to prevent sunburn

Feed every 4 weeks with a Nitrogen-poor and Potassium & Phosphorus-rich fertilizer during summer

Landscape Uses

It is an excellent plant for garden rockery settings, desert type landscapes, patios and botanical gardens