Weight:- 200 g

About: Baby corn (also known as young corn, cornets, or baby sweetcorn) is a cereal grain made from corn (maize) that has been picked early while the stalks are still small and immature. In contrast to mature corn, whose cob is too harsh for human nutrition, it is often eaten whole, including the cob. It can be eaten fresh or cooked. Baby corn is frequently used in stir-fry meals.

Health Benefits: Babycorn is found to be low in calories and has a high nutritional value. And is extensively used in the diet of those who look to lose weight. It is observed that baby corn is good for the health of the heart. and helpful to aid digestion problems.

How to use: Baby corn, with its sweet, nutty flavour and crisp texture, can also be eaten uncooked. Try thinly slicing it and tossing it through cold noodles, or keep it whole for crudités drowned in hummus.

Simple recipe: