Bauhinia Tomentosa -Yellow Bell Orchid

Weight:- 1500 g

Yellow Kachnar






Bauhinia tomentosa is a multi-stemmed small tree/shrub m growing 4 - 8 metres tall, characterised with lobed leaves resembling butterfly wings.  It is a fast grower, with a growth rate of about 900mm per year It grows as an evergreen tree in areas with a temperate climate but can be deciduous in colder or drier areas.

The leaves are broader than long,divided a little than half way down into 2 rounded lobes, hairy below, base truncate, rarely subcordate, glabrous above, reddish tomentose beneath, main nerves 7 or rarely 9 from base. Leaves smell like burned rubber when rubbed

The flowers are bell-shaped with large, yellow petals with a dark maroon patch at the base. These plants can flower all year round but primarily bloom between Nov to Jan. 


Bauhinia acuminate can succeed in full sun to partial shade. They prefer fertile, well-drained but moisture retentive soil and moderate watering. This tree grows well both under full sun and shade conditions.

Landscape Uses

Yellow Bauhinia is an ideal plant for hedging. The root system is not so aggressive hence this tree can be planted close to the swimming pool or paving. It is also suitable for growing in a container on the patio.