Bauhinia Variegata - Kachnar

Weight:- 1500 g





Southeast Asia


Bauhinia Variegata is also known as Orchid Tree. It is an exotic tropical tree that blooms over a long period of time. The beautiful & fragrant, classic, Orchid-like flowers of Bauhinia Variegata makes this small tree, a favorite of many plant lovers.

In late winters, before the leaves drop, Orchid-Tree is festooned with many showy and delightfully fragrant, five-inch-wide blossoms, the narrow bright pink , lavender to white petals arranged to closely resemble an orchid. These flowers appear on the trees from September through November and are a beautiful sight to see, creating a vivid splash of color in the autumn landscape. The blooming period then lasts until early summer. Curiously, the flower colors vary quite a lot.


Bauhinia  can survive in full sun to partial shade. The plant prefers fertile, well drained but moisture retentive soil and moderate watering.

Landscape Uses

It is used as gardening commonly but they can serve for medicinal purposes also.