Black Forest Honey

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Weight:- 330 g

Type: Multifloral
Flavour: Strong, fruity with slightly bitter undertone
Colour: Dark Amber
Nectar Source:Geraniums, wild strawberries, wild rose, java plum, honeydew
Harvesting Season:April - June
Region of Origin: Himalayan Sivaliks
Pairing:Drizzle on roasted nuts, great with muffins or cookies

Our Black Forest Honey comes from the unique ecosystem of the Himalayan Sivaliks in the border regions of Nepal & Bihar. Made with the collaboration of two insects, this honey is ideally suited as a revitalizer and mood enhancer.

This strong to the palate honey which owes its name to its very dark amber colour has a fulsome fruity taste. This works incredibly well drizzled on dry nuts or even cookies for lipsmacking experience.