Blackberry Pre Order

Weight:- 125 g
Blackberry a dark edible fruit is native chiefly to the northern hemisphere found abundantly in North America and the pacific coast of the continent and is cultivated in many areas of North America.
Blackberries are a pretty great source of iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants. these are generally eaten fresh or in preserves and or in baked goods like pies.

Health benefits:
These little black pearls are packed with vitamins C which helps to heal wounds, regenerate the skin, reduce the free radicals. they are high in fiber and thus reduce the risk of heart disease, promote regular bowel movement, manage blood sugar levels.
blackberries are high sources of vitamin K and manganese too.

How to use:
Blackberries having a sweet and sour taste can be used in many ways. Blueberries can be used to make yogurt or can also be topped with cereals.
It can be taken with and milk or create a milkshake.
It can be used to sweeten breakfast and also as a summer treat.