Bleeding Heart Vine

Weight:- 800 g

Clerodendrum thomsoniae




Western Africa


Clerodendrum bleeding heart is a well-behaved, non-aggressive plant that can reach around three feet in containers, but can climb to 15 feet at maturity. It is a sub-tropical vine that wraps its tendrils around a trellis or other support. The vines also respond well to hanging baskets, where they drape attractively over the sides

The flowers of bleeding heart vine are arresting, with crimson petals emerging from a white base. The common name Bag flower alludes to the shape of the white petals, which hold a red surprise inside as the inner red petals emerge. The vines are a rich source of nectar, and they will attract butterflies outdoors


Clerodendrum bleeding heart performs best in partial shade or dappled sunlight, but it may tolerate full sunlight with plenty of moisture. The plant prefers rich, fertile, well-drained soil.

The vines are also very thirsty, and you must never allow them to dry out during the active growing season.
It needs frequent fertilization to supply nutrients required to produce blooms. Feed the plant a slow-release fertilizer every two months during the blooming season, or use a water-soluble fertilizer every month.

Landscape Use

Annual vine for trellises, arbors or fences. Containers.