Blueberry Box Pre Order

Weight:- 125 g
Blueberries are a widespread group of perennial flowering plants containing blue and purple berries are a popular summer treat having sweet flavors which are succulent and nutritious. It contains a rich plant compound called anticyclonic which gives berries blue color and many health benefits.

Health benefits:
Many studies have shown before that consumption of blueberries regularly has decreased the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality. it promotes hair and skin health, increases energy, and overall lowers weights. Studies have also shown that the consumption of blueberries contributes to the enhancement of short-term memories and motor coordination.

How to use:
Being rich in a compound called anticyclonic it provides and fresh blue pigment thus highly used in summer treats like cocktails. Blueberries are also used with syrup, frozen yogurt, Popsicle, bread pudding, shortcakes, and many such sweet dishes.
Blueberries are often tossed with a salad with red cabbage or fennel and bring antioxidants to your diet.