Bonsai Malphigia Mame with Rock

Weight:- 2400 g

Bonsai Malphigia Mame




American Tropics


Mame (pronounced "Ma-May")the smallest of bonsai, ideally being no more than 10cm in height.
Mame or miniature bonsai could well have more of a place in small houses or flats than the larger forms, as they may be only two to eight inches high.

It comes from the malphigia plant which is known for it s inflorescence.


Age : 1 Years

Size (Approx) : L X W X H : 4" x 4" x 6"

Note : The plant might differ a little than the picture as each Bonsai is created differently.


Normal watering along with good amounts of sunlight is needed. The simpler styles are chosen for mame bonsai, because their size does not make it possible to train them into the more complicated shapes such as Winding or Clasped to the stone. The Upright, Oblique and Cascading styles all make attractive mame bonsai and a group planting can be most effective.