Bonsai Nashia inaguensis

Weight:- 2400 g

Moujean tea






Moujean tea (Nashia inaguensis), also called pineapple verbena, is a small, perennial, evergreen, shrub with long arching stems. The leaves are very small, between 1/4″-1/2″ long, glossy, have a wrinkled surface texture, are covered in tiny hairs, and release a strong aroma of citrus/honey/vanilla when crushed. The inconspicuous, white, intensely fragrant, flowers, form in clusters at the leaf nodes.

The flowers form in clusters and are followed by reddish orange berries. Not only do the flowers have an intense fragrance of jasmine, but the leaves, when crushed, have a spicy aroma of citrus, honey, and vanilla. 


Age : 2.5 - 3 Years

Size (Approx) : L X W X H : 5" x 4" x 8"

Note : The plant might differ a little than the picture as each Bonsai is created differently.


Nashia grows well in full sun to bright shade & high humidity.

Keep them evenly moist while they are growing. Important, Do not let this plant dry out completely, even briefly, or it will die. When these wilt, they frequently don’t come back from it after you water them.

The plant is quite tolerant of many different soil conditions, but it does best in well draining soil rich in organic material..

Spring and summer fertilize weekly with a balanced fertilizer, once a month during winter

Trim frequently to keep the shape. Wonderful for clip and grow.