Bougainvillea Glabra 'Sanderiana' Variegata

Weight:- 750 g

Pink Glabra bougainvillea




Southern Brazil


Bougainvillea glabra 'Saneriana' is a small-leaved bougainvillea & a vigorous, woody, evergreen climber with short thorns and deeper green leaves. Variegated but still very robust.

Colorful papery clusters of pink / magenta to white bracts fill the stems from summer to autumn, however it can flush flowers across the year. The bracts appear in clusters of 10 to 20. Pink bracts are produced in late summer and fall and the varieties include other colours.


Bougainvillea grow in a light well-drained soil. in full light . The plant flower if grown under maximum light and stressed with dryness. Bring the soil to a state of visual dryness between watering. The best flowering occurs when the plants are brought to a slight wilt between waterings. When watering, thoroughly saturate the soil until a little water runs out of the bottom of the pot. Growing in a clay pot will help maintain a healthy root system.

Fertilize with a balanced, soluble fertilizer every two weeks at tsp of fertilizer per gallon of water. Reduce the frequency during the winter months, especially under cool temperatures.

Landscape Use

Bougainvillea glabra can be easily grown as a hedge, an arch or a tree on the ground and in pots. This plant is ideal for bonsai. Also, this plant can be grown in hanging basket with a hard pruning to maintain the shape and size, making a splendid specimen for balcony or sunroom.

P.S : Pictures in the pot are representative image as to how the plant will be when delivered.