Calliandra Tergemina var. Emarginata

Weight:- 1300 g

Calliandra Tergemina var. Emarginata




Central America


Calliandra Tergemina var. Emarginata is commonly known as Dwarf powder. It is an evergreen unarmed shrub 1-3 m tall with rather thin cylindrical stems.

Leaves compound, opposite, leaflets shaped like kidneys or lungs, light to medium green, with 3 leaflets (2 paired terminal ones, 1 lone and smaller) per petiole. Young leaves orangey, maturing to green. Leaflets and petiole somewhat velvety due to fine surface hairs. Leaves droop and fold up at night.

Flowers grow up to 2.5 to 6 cm across, with numerous red or pinkish-red filamentous stamens, lasting 2-3 days before wilting. Unopened flowers buds resemble a bunch of red berries.

Fruits are flattened dehiscent seedpods. ripening from green to brown, with thickened margin, before splitting open explosively from tip to base, twisting back in a double curve to eject seeds several meters away.


Calliandra Tergemina var. Emarginata prefers semi-shade to full sunlight and moderate watering. It is suitable with well-drained Soils and fertile Loamy Soils.

Landscape Uses

It is used as General, Focal Plant, Interiorscape/ Indoor Plant, Container Planting.