Callistemon Citrinus - BottleBrush

Weight:- 1300 g

Callistemon Citrinus - BottleBrush






Callistemon Citrinus commonly called scarlet bottlebrush, lemon bottlebrush or red bottlebrush. It is a large evergreen upright tropical shrub that will grow to 10-15 tall in its native habitat. It is commonly grown as a specimen or hedge in frost-free areas such as southern Florida and parts of southern California. It can also be trained as a tree to 25 tall. In containers in northern climates, it more commonly is grown as a 3-5 tall shrub or trained as a small standard. Flowers feature numerous bushy bright red stamens in rounding to cylindrical spikes (to 4 long) that resemble bottlebrushes. Flowers bloom intermittently throughout the year in frost-free areas, but more typically in summer in St. Louis. Flowers are attractive to bees. Lance-shaped to narrow-elliptic leaves (to 3 long) emerge coppery before maturing to medium green. Leaves have a lemony scent when bruised, hence the species name.


Callistemon Citrinus can succeed in any soil, tolerating both water-logging and drought. It requires a fertile well-drained moisture retentive soil in full sun. They typically favor moist conditions so when planted in gardens thrive on regular watering.

Landscape Uses

Suitable for ornamental landscaping.