Caralluma Speciosa

Weight:- 400 g





East Africa


It grows quite easily and fast on its own roots. It is not difficult as commonly supposed. This is one of the big clumping Caralluma that can reach one meter in height. It bears at the apex a many-flowered clusters of brownish-black flowers.


Caralluma speciosa is relatively easy to grow. It needs regular watering, especially during the hottest summer days; Either excessive or very scarce watering can induce rot.
Winter temperatures must be kept over 10 � C. But it can withstand winter night-time temperatures down to about 5 �. Freezing temperatures are fatal.
Full sun to half sun. It has a great advantage if grown in very strong light, but sheltered from full sun.
Provide very good ventilation

Landscape Uses

Makes an attractive landscape plant and or container patio plant where some height is needed, being an attractive accent plant, Suited for window sill.