Cassia Roxburghii - Ceylon Senna

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Weight:- 1300 g

Cassia Roxburghii




Indian Subcontinent


Cassia Roxburghii is commonly known as Ceylon Senna and is an ornamental tree. The red cassia is a medium-sized tree, growing to 15-20m tall with spreading, drooping branches. The leaves are clusters of pink, rose or orange flowers, 15-60cm long, and pinnate with three to eight pairs of leaflets, each leaflet 7-21cm long and 4-9cm broad. Flowers red to pinkish petals. The fruit is a legume.


Cassia Roxburghii tree requires full sun to flower. It supports acidic, Neutral, Well-drained soil. It has average water needs, water regularly but do not overwater.

Landscape Uses

Cassia Roxburghii is used as an ornamental to beautify streets, avenues, parks, and gardens.