Cereus peruvianus monstrose mini

Weight:- 1500 g

Monstrose apple cactus




South America


Peruvianus Monstrose 'mini' is a cactus with a branching, treelike form. This cactus has contorted rib edges with bumps and some stems even have partial twisted or contorted stem growth that can grow up to 15' tall . Stem growth of Cereus peruvianus monstrose mini is also smaller in diameter, averaging 2" to 3" in diameter and often even smaller. 

Normally , Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus blooms nightly, producing near white flowers that are very fragrant. Blooming usually happens in summers. Sometime in the whole life span of Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus they produce fleshy fruits that are red or yellow color. When ripe, the fruit opens up exposing an edible white or rosy pulp. However peruvianus Monstrosus mini blooms seldomly.


This plant best grows in porous soil, and required good drainage. A sunlight friendly plant, this requires ample of bright light and airflow. Watering is required when the soil becomes dry to touch.

Landscape Uses

Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus is suitable and considered in the group of xeriscape plants. They are effective as container plants especially when included in rock gardens or with other cacti. As tree-like cacti, Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus make impressive accent plants and hedges.