Christmas Tree_Araucaria Heterophylla

Weight:- 500 g

Norfolk Island Pine Tree




Norfolk Island


Norfolk Island pines are delightful living Christmas trees . They last longer than poinsettias, and in fact, can keep growing beautifully for years. When grown in indoors as a houseplant, they re not particularly fast growers. With good care, over the course of years, they can eventually reach 6 feet (1.2 meters) tall or more.

The foliage is soft looking and light green. Leaves on young trees are narrowly wedge-shaped, about 0.5 in (1.3 cm) long; on mature trees the leaves are scalelike and overlapping, about o.25 in (0.6 cm) long.


Norfolk Island pine is not particular about soil and tolerates even very acid soils as well as salty situations at beach side. They have weak root systems and rarely need re-potting when grown in containers.

Christmas Tree thrives in full sun. It will tolerate shade but the leaves will droop - the deeper the shade, the droopier the leaves.When growing indoors, place this plant in a bright, evenly lit area. It likes good moisture with good drainage.

Landscape Use

Good tree for open space. Norfolk Island Pine can also be used as an indoor plant and is often seen as a Christmas tree