Clivia Miniata Orange

Weight:- 750 g

Bush Lily




South Africa


The Clivia plant, also known as bush lily or kaffir lily, with its evergreen dark green, strap-like broad leaves in spring and in autumn and winter are followed by attractive, red, berry like fruits.. Also, its trumpet-shaped flowers come in umbels, a cluster holding flower stalks.

Clusters of orange trumpet flowers are borne above .


The decorative plants needs much light and is happy about several hours of sunlight each day, in particular in the morning and late evening. It does not agree with direct light of the midday sun, if the leaves turn yellow, the Clivia miniata is exposed to too much sunlight. The locations too shady constrain or prevent the formation of blossoms. A place at the window facing East is ideal

A porous, nutrient-rich substrate creates the best conditions for an intense growth of the Clivia miniata.

Landscape Use

Clivia miniata is the ideal plant for the shade garden or for containers. It purifies the air.

  • One adult plant can absorb one litre of impure air and release 80% of oxygen overnight
  • It performs photosynthesis under very weak light
  • 3-4 plants are enough in a room for absorbing smoke and other contaminants

All parts of the plant are slightly poisonous. Hence, the pot should never be placed within reach of small children and pets.