Colored Peppers Red

Weight:- 500 g
About: Barring the lack of spice, bell peppers are a close relative of hot chilli. They are found in various range of colours such as green, red orange and yellow. Red and yellow peppers are sweeter as compared to the green one. Technically a fruit, bell peppers are prepared like a vegetable. However, they can also be eaten raw, slightly cooked or roasted.

Health benefits:
Excellent source of Vitamin E and a good source of folate
Very high levels of Vitamin C
Rich in beta carotene
Can reduce risk of many chronic illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease
Adding bell peppers to your diet may help lower your risk of visual impairments

How to use: Stuffed Peppers - Remove top, remove the insides, fill with any mixture of cooked vegetables, sprinkle parmesan cheeses and buttered breadcrumbs, bake in oven until tender.

FUN FACT! The bell pepper is the only member of the pepper family that does not produce capsaicin, a chemical that can cause a strong burning sensation when it comes in contact with your tongue.