Orange Jessamine

Weight:- 750 g

Cestrum Aurantiacum




North and South America


Orange Cestrum is an evergreen, half-climbing shrub reaching 10 ft tall. Leaves are single, alternately arranged, dark green with lighter midrib. They are lance like to ovate in shape, with entire margin. The plant sports clusters of tubular dark yellow or orange flowers, which look very much like Night Blooming Jasmine. The flowers have an overpowering citrus-like smell, particularly at night. Flowers attract butterflies. The flowers are followed by white berries.


Outdoor Light: Full sun, Part sun, Part shade

Indoor Light: Direct sunlight

Soil Types & Moisture: Average moist, moderately fertile, well-drained soils for the best flowering, moderately drought resistant once well-established.

Landscape Uses

Grown and widely distributed as an ornamental plant and they can grow in the walls of buildings, bridges, highways, and other concrete structures gardens , landscaping, grassland, elsewhere and indoors as a houseplant.