Cordia Sebestena - Geiger Tree

Weight:- 1000 g

Cordia Sebestena




United States and Bahamas


Cordia Sebestena is commonly known as Geiger Tree and it is an evergreen Shrub. It grows to a maximum height of 25-30 feet at maturity, with a nearly equal spread. The dense, evergreen foliage consists of dark green, leathery, alternate, ovate leaves, seven inches long, with wavy margins. These leaves are covered with small hairs, lending them a rough texture. Flowers are produced in clusters at branch ends throughout the year, particularly in the spring and summer. They are dark orange in colour.


Cordia Sebestena needs to be grown in full sun. It grows well in places where the soil is not a problem. The roots are very susceptible to rot; therefore watering should be done only when needed. The plant is drought tolerant.

Landscape Uses

Well suited to be grown in gardens for its beautiful flowers.