Coryphantha macromeris

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Weight:- 1000 g

Mammillaria macromeris






This small, rather inconspicuous cactus is characterized by elongated tubercles that point upwards and have between 2 and 8 differently-angled central spines, brown in color, surrounded by 9 to 15 shorter, white, radial spines, but the green stems are still clearly visible. closing.  Stems are small, not exceeding 6 inches in height, are solitary for several years then start to cluster.

Purple flowers bloom in late summer, followed by green fruits.


Coryphantha macromeris  prefers shady positions, beneath larger plants or partly covered by grass. It grows out in the open or under bushes. It also grows in pure gypsum and in gravelly soils.

It grows nearly in all substrates including nearly pure gypsum, gravelly soils, usually sandy alluvium or clay, especially in dry river lagoon areas, rarely crevices or steep slopes.

Landscape Uses

This is a beautiful specimen cactus for a large cactus or succulent garden. It can make an interesting plant for a large container and is a nice centerpiece for a warm, sunny courtyard. The plant does have a few spines so care should be taken in its location.